With over 50 Years of combined experience Preferred Staffing is dedicated to quality talent placement. We recruit and place candidates into many types of positions. We remain very flexible and provide many pre employment requirements that our clients may want to incorporate to ensure efficient and quality placements.

Since Partnerships are based on long-term commitment, our goal is to regularly evaluate our performance. We evaluate our effectiveness to provide creative solutions to your staffing needs. All employees complete a thorough interviewing and screening process and any other testing required by your company. Only applicants that have completed this process to our satisfaction, will be considered for placement at your company. This will ensure that our employees are compatible with available positions, and save your company time.

In addition to quality employment placement, we secure all costs of the employer in our hourly bill rate.

Including but not limited to:

Employee's Wages 

State and Federal Taxes

Workers Compensation Insurance

Employer's Liability Insurance

Unemployment Insurance and Claims

FICA Withholdings

Child Support Deductions and other Court Garnishments

Weekly and Quarterly Reports

Preparations of W-2 Forms

Administrative and Check Processing Fees

Advertising for Recruiting and Record Keeping


Quality Employment Professionals